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Quality Materials & Tent Frames

In the Commercial and Light Commercial marquee models, these very strong aluminium marquees can be erected in minutes.  The construction grade aluminium ensures exceptional marquee frame strength, ideal for both commercial and recreational use.  All our marquees come complete with guy ropes, pegs, and durable carry bags with wheels.


Commercial Marquee

This is an exceptionally strong marquee making it ideal for regular commercial or recreational use.

  • Legs - 58mm (Upper Leg) x 2mm hexagonal aluminium
  • Ribs - 35mm x 18mm x 2mm aluminium
  • Joints and Fittings - Cast alloy
  • 5 height adjustments with ring pull sprung pin instead of the push button
  • Carry bag with wheels, guy rops and pegs 

3m x 3m Frame - 39kg
6m x 3m Frame - 67kg

Light Commercial Marquee

This is very strong, durable and lightweight marquee suitable for normal conditions and environments.                                  

  • Legs - 48mm (Upper Leg) x 1.5mm hexagonal aluminium
  • Ribs - 26mm x 13mm x 1.3mm aluminium
  • Joints and Fittings - Commercial grade nylon
  • 5 height adjustments with ring pull sprung pin instead of the push button
  • Carry bag with wheels, guy ropes and pegs

3m x 3m Frame - 23kg
6m x 3m Frame - 38kg


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Our marquees are made from the highest quality materials available and utilise designs that makes them superior to other marquees on the market.  Listed below are images that highlight the design features of our marquees.

The Unbeatable Strength of our commercial marquee makes this frame second to none.  Many faults occur with other marquee brands when users mistreat the 'ribs' of the marquee.  As you can see by these images the commercial marquee can handle treatment that exceeds our competitors' products.


>Unbeatable Strength Marquees Strong Marquee Frame



Our Hexagonal Leg Construction gives far greater strength than that of the common marquee leg square design.  In the commercial marquee range the leg is 50mm (Upper Leg) x 2mm hexagonal aluminium.  In the light commercial marquee range the leg is 48mm (Upper Leg) x 1.5mm hexagonal aluminium.  The foot plate for the marquee leg has three holes for the tent pegs so to ensure greater abilty to secure the marquee.  We recommend in the strongest terms the use of the guy ropes to secure the marquee.

Pop up Marquee with hexagonal leg construction Constructed Marquees


Our Ring Pull design is on our heavy duty commercial marquees only and prevents the injuries caused by the common 'push button' design in other marquees.  This enables the user to pull the locking mechanism out to adjust the marquee instead of pushing in and running the risk of a painful pinching accident.

Folding Marquee with ringpull