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Quality Marquees and Tents Accessories


Pop Up Marquee Accessories

We stock a range of accessories for the marquees.  These include marquee sand bags, marquee wall panels and marquee gutters.

Marquee Wall Panels and Doors

The individual mesh or solid wall panels can be used in any combination on our marquees.  The 3m wide x 2m high panels zip together on the side and velcro to the bottom edge of our marquee canopies.  Velcro ties that go around the marquee corner poles are also provided.  All wall panels have zippered doors in the middle of the panels.

  • Blue Gazebo Marquee> Suitable for all our marquees.
  • > Available in 5 colours.  Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow.
  • > Velcro attachment to the marquee canopy.
  • > Zipper at each end of the wall.
  • > Measures 3m wide x 2m high.
  • > Walls can can be zippered together and used in any combination of solid and mesh walls and in any colour.
  • > Perfect use for a party marquee or portable shade!


Marquee Sand Bags

These provide an amount of marquee frame stability where pegging into the ground is not possible.  The use of marquee sandbags alone in outdoor environments or potentially windy conditions is not recommended.

  • Marquee Tent Sand Bags> Two compartment marquee sand bag, with zippered top, that wraps around the base of each marquee leg.
  • > One by two compartment marquee sand bag is required for each marquee leg.
  • > Holds approximately 15kg of sand (not included).




Marquee Gutters

Marquee GuttersThe PVC coated marquee gutters permit the waterproof joining of two or more marquees.  Available in 3m and 6m length (white only) for easy joining of any marquee combination in under 5 minutes.  The marquee gutters velcro to the bottom edge or our marquee canopies and have cloth ties to attach to the marquee frame for added strength.

> Waterproof joining of two or more marquees.
> 3m and 6m length for total flexibility.
> Velcro attachments for fast and easy joining plus cloth ties for added strength.


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